Thursday, April 29, 2010

karma's a bitch

Yesterday after school, I hopped in to my car with my good friend Claire prepared but a nice long catch-up chat on the drive home. When I tried to turn the keys, the wheel and ignition wouldn't budge. I called my mom who informed me that "you're 18! Figure it out!" and was of little help. My age has no bearing on my ability to diagnose car troubles. I flagged down my friend Caleb and he helped me unlock my steering wheel. No big deal right? Wrong. When I got to Claire's house, I noticed a note under my windshield that read "bumper accidint, call ###-###-####". Several things were wrong. The back right side of my was badly damaged, the dumbass misspelled accident, and the phone number wasn't valid. Well that's just awesome. How the idiot managed to slam his car in to my mine in a nearly empty parking lot is beyond me and the illegit number was annoying. But I just told myself that karma will come get him with nuclear weapons. Enter my Dogeared Karma Necklace. My friends got this for me as part of my 18th birthday group gift and I rarely take it off. Hand made and gold dipped, the perfect circle reprsents the old saying "what goes around comes around.". I'm a huge fan of karma. Seriously. I turn tails-up pennies heads up so they're lucky for some one else. Yeah, I'm that much of a dork. But if karma isn't your forte, you can find plenty of other adorable pieces. Friendship, Mothers, New Beginnings, Birthdays, Make A Wish, Sisters, Sweet Sixteen, Success, Commitment, Graduation, Follow Your Dreams, and the list goes on. Maybe I'm biased having gotten mine as a gift, but I really think that they are the perfect present for any occasion. Maybe I keep coming up with gifts because I'm in grad season mode. Who knows. But either way, I'll be wearing mine for awhile now...or at least until I can hunt down Mr. Moron who crushed my car. Cheers!


  1. I so need to win that. My hubby went to G-town way back long ago.
    He loved it and all the karma of college.

  2. sorry about your car :(

    I used to freak out my steeringwheel/ignition locked, but someone just told me to shake the steering wheel back and forth- voila! good luck!

  3. Just happened upon your blog today; it's darling!

    I interned at Georgetown University for the last two summers, and M Street was so lovely to walk down!

    Sorry to hear about your car!

  4. okay thats kinda shitty! Wish you luck with it.

  5. God. = =

    Well... karma is gonna be such a bitch to this person.

  6. I'm so excited you mention me in your blog! Haha love you Hill! ~Claire