Monday, April 19, 2010

patience is NOT my virtue

Let's make one thing very clear; I HATE waiting. I'm extremely impatient. Lines at the store? No thanks. Wait at a restaurant? Nope. Back ordered dresses? Agonizing. I was looking at the Nordstrom website and I came across a dress I just HAD to have. This pretty little number from French Connection. I'm positively in love. I immediately added it to my bag, whipped out my card...and was informed that the expected ship date was JUNE 24TH! That means I won't be prancing around in this baby until July. Dammit. The beauty of this dress it that it will look rockin' with t-strap sandals and sunglasses for summer but I can also pair it with tights, riding boots and a cute trench coat for winter. So basically, it's the perfect dress and I'm really really annoyed that it's back ordered. Hopefully it's an under-promise, over-deliver kind of thing. I really hope it is. Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for reading. I know I'm a little new on the scene but I promise I have plenty to say.


  1. thats one of the reasons i hate shopping online!

  2. Hey there! i love yer blog! :D

    Cute tshirt dress.

    Good luck in uni! tell me what it's like next year!

  3. I know how u feel. I just ordered a pair of clogs from steve maden and they are expected on june 6th. Dang I can't wait thatlong :(