Saturday, April 3, 2010

Step 1.5: go green, get green

I haven't even shipped in my electronics (see post below if you're confused) but I've already started envisioing what I could buy with that check. Go green, get some green...I'm a fan. My potential purchases are as followed. First are these stunning Kate Spade earrings. My friends got me a pair in an orangey-red color as part of my birthday gift and I'm obessed with them. I want another pair or two or five right now. Perfect touch of bling for any basic outfit. They're pretty big in diameter. It takes a bigger ear to pull them off, but they are beautiful nonetheless. My friends know me so well. What a fabulous gift (hint hint!). Next...ok I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for anything by Marc Jacobs. I don't know why there isn't a store in Denver. I'd work there in a heartbeat. If he weren't gay, I'd marry him. The new Pretty Nylon line is incredible. My mom got me a large hobo bag (to be featured in a later post; I'm a bag whore) and it's amazing. Super durable, super cute and goes just about anywhere. Now enter this pretty little pouch. I just want to own it to hold all my useless junk that I carry around with me at all times. Something men will never understand, the need for a large purse. I'll have to write about that soon, shed a little light on the maxi-bag trend. Last but not least, this pretty little headband from Jcrew. JCrew always has the sweetest accessories. Maybe it's the upper eastside snob within me, but I love headbands. Classy. Oddly enough though, I have an mishapen head or so it seems because very few headbands lay flat against my hair. Awesome. I've created a few clever ways to disguise this though. If I weren't so awful at doing hair I'd conisder posting about it. Maybe I still will. And as I learned from Blair Waldorf, the bow always goes on the right. Good to know. But all that aside...I guess recycling can really pay off!


  1. The earrings are adorable, I have smaller silver ones, but probably not as expensive. And I can't help it but to fall in love with the headband, I have a thing for headbands you know;)

  2. OOOOMG i luv the marc jacobs bags too!! ur so lucky u have 1!

  3. Cool idea and blog. I'll be checking back


  4. I love marc jacobs' bags too. the leather ones have the softest, most buttery leather!
    The KS earrings are so pretty, my birthstone too!


    PS Thanks for checking out my blog! I am officially following yours! if you liked mine, follow it too (I LOVE getting new followers!)

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! Steph, I'm following you now too :)