Friday, May 14, 2010

all that glitters: TOMS is golden

Ok so I've already done a post about TOMS shoes, but I just ordered a pair of Gold Glitter TOMS and I'm so excited I just had to write about it. Plus, they have some awesome new designs I wanted to showcase.

In case you're not up-to-date with the movement, TOMS is a shoe company that follows the one-for-one model. For every pair of shoes they sell, they donate a pair to a child in need in a third world country. Pretty cool right? Here are my picks from the official website.I just bought the gold pair in the middle. I can't even begin to describe how incredibly comfortable these shoes are. I get tons of compliments when I wear my splatter painted pair and I love telling people the story behind the shoes and company. The left and right shoes are vegan, no leather use.

So maybe you're thinking "wow that's cool...but I'm not really a hippie tree hugger." Well do hippies shop at Neimans and Bergdorfs?That's right! TOMS has done an exclusive collection for the two high end retailers. Anyone that says high fashion and a good cause can't be cute, chic and affordable is lying.

I can't get enough of this brand. Shoes start at just $40...instant sticker love. They are cute, comfy and a great feel-good purchase. Spread the word. TOMS is on the up and I'm excited to be a part of this movement.


  1. The gold sparkly ones you bought are fabulous! I think I may just have to purchase them ;)


  2. By the way - who made your header? I love it! I want a new header and I'm not sure how to go about making one...

  3. Love your blog and ideas :)