Saturday, May 15, 2010

shush girl, shush your lips... the Helen Keller and talk with your hips. Excellent song and perfect transition in to my obsession of the moment: zipper detailing.
It adds the perfect touch of edge to a headband. I love the rosettes. It's still sweet and traditional, but the metal gives it a little bite. Even though I love black, the coral color is a nice break from the dark and heavy.

Anyone who knows me knows that I simply LOVE a good ballet flat. Simple and elegant, I can't get enough of them. So when I happened upon some cute zipped up ones, I couldn't resist. Too cute to be tough, too tough to be cute.

Finally, this BCBG dress. I saw it today at Saks but didn't get a chance to try it on. I'm a big one shoulder fan, but the super subtle zipper piping made me fall in love. It's so understated but that attention to detail is what makes it so great. So shush girl, zip your lips, unzip your wallets and pick up a bitingly cute zip-zapped piece. Or two.


  1. I love love love zipper detailing!

  2. Love the coral headband and the silver flats - where did you find them?!

  3. I'm loving zippers at the moment!
    I love all of the headbands! especially the two on the right - I want them :)

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  5. Ah--love them all. Especially the headbands as I wave a Team Blair flag high.

    And nice transition :)

  6. Love evrything. I want it all jezz iam always so greddy!
    Keep in touch

  7. I love the coral headband and the purple flats!

  8. love those headbands. especially the one on the left.


  9. love love all of the headbands <3 I'm adding you to my links / loves section on my blog btw :)