Sunday, May 2, 2010

cuticles vs cleavage

They say that the first born child looks more the like the father than any other kid and maybe that's true. I have my mom's figure but my dad's complexion, eyes, personality, and quirks. If I take after him, I should take after the girls in his family then right? Wrong. His mother is curvy and well endowed, his sisters had breast reduction surgery...and then there's me. I'm barely a full A and my hips would be lying to say they existed. But what's the one thing I did get from my paternal female relatives? Awesome nails. Seriously, I could be a hand model for David Yurman or the poster child for Essie. Last year I made a goal to paint my nails every Sunday. Needless to say I sort of failed once school kicked in. But I'm going to try again. As an aspiring artist, I have a wide array of colors that I like. Here are my top five picks from OPI
Black Onyx, Classic White, Do You Lilac It?, Ate Berries in the Canaries, Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.
There's no real rhyme or reason to my picks. I love a short black nail. Some people shy away from dark polish, but I think they look super classy. White is a 180 flip from black, but it's different and totally fresh; it also makes a tan pop like non other. I love purple and have totally hopped on the band wagon with lavender hues. I'm wearing it now and loving it. You can never go wrong with a bright pink. And for those looking for a twist on dark nails, deep green is perfect. I'm totally an OPI girl as far as polish, but Zoya has my heart fro top and base coats. Anchor is the most amazing base coat I've ever used. It grips the nail beautifully and I never have trouble getting dark polish off. It helps prevent chipping too which I love since I'm really hard on my hands even if I try not it be! I'm also a huge fan of their topcoat, Armor. Super durbale, the perfect amount of shine, and loaded with SPF, it's honestly amazing. The color won't fade in the summer, it also prevents chipping, and it dries super fast. Maybe I should work at a nail salon. I love this stuff so much! It's not longer up to the shoes to make an outfit. A quick swipe of two of color on your fingers tips makes every dress classier and every t-shirt sassier.


  1. hi! I'm obsessed with nail polish too, and I was wondering if you've tried seche vite, and how zoya compares?


  2. Great post! I think that nails are really important, especially if you want to make an impression. I love the lilac and pink ones but I think I'll never manage to put on a white nail polish, it just doesn't fit me. :D
    I admire your persistance when it comes to posting on your blog, I wish I had that. :D

  3. I am jealous of your hands lol mine are kind of stubby! I love nail polish too, especially Essie, the color names are so fun!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. And I love yours too! I am your newest follower!


  5. You sound so similar to my twin sister and I! We take after our father's side in every way except our body figure. We rock the "Nearly A's" as well and have no hips unlike everyone on his side. hahaa ahhh!

  6. hi! i gave you an award. check it out on my blog. :)

  7. For few weeks. I even painted every single day. My mom told me she almost used to paint them every day in college,
    Like mom, Like daughter.

  8. i love painting my nails in the lilac color!