Tuesday, May 4, 2010

weather wise

Mother Nature just can't make up her mind in the 3oh3. In the past two weeks it has hailed, rained, and snowed. We hit 50 degrees and 80 degrees. We've had severe thunderstorm warnings, a tornado drill, and a few days of gorgeous sunshine. I kid you not. Best part? There's ZERO rhyme or reason to the weather. So after walking to my car in pouring rain and hail a few times lately, I've come to the conclusion that a beautiful suede Donald J Pliner bag isn't entirely practical. Nor are really cute ballet flats or silky straightened hair. So whats my solution? Stock up on adorable items that can stand whatever mother nature throws this way. I'm a HUGE fan of Longchamp. I have a small tote in red and larger one in chocolate brown, but I'm thinking of getting one or two more. They are so classy and chic and best of all, virtually water resistant. I wouldn't advise walking through a monsoon with one, but you get the idea. Best of all, they work as an all-season bag. The only downside is that most have just one large interior pocket and if you're like me it fills up fast with receipts, checkbooks, spiderman rings and loose change. But for a go-to bag to throw your books in, I'd definitely recommend them. Next is footwear. I really need to invest in a good pair of rain wellies and I'm thinking Hunter Boots will be a good pick. Last year I ruined a pair of Uggs walking around San Fran in the rain. It was really uncomfortable and they smelled awful. I'd rather not repeat that. I kind of like this purple-ish maroon color. I know black or hunter green would be more practical and traditional, but the brighter colors are really growing on me. With skinny jeans or leggings, I think these boots can handle a downpour. Finally, I'm not one of those girls that freaks out over her hair getting wet because it will ruin it. I hate getting it wet because it takes forever to dry. My hair can't decide if it's going to be thick, thin, wavy, or straight so it holds water like there's no tomorrow. So a cute striped umbrella from kate spade should do the trick. I'm loving the cheery colors. Nothing beats a rainy day like bright hues! Plus it folds up nice and small to toss in your bag (Longchamp anyone?). Sometimes I feel like a damn fool carrying an umbrella around but I always look super ahead of the game when I whip it out. I'm probably the only one of friends who has the weather forecast book marked on my computer and on the front screen of my cellphone. I hope the weather is holding up where ever you are! But in case it isn't here's a song to cheer you up.

This is my favorite song of ALL time.
If nothing else, LISTEN TO THIS! It defines my life and my love of rain
Music, fashion, and a light sping drizzle. What could be better?

Sorry I've been so bad about commenting back! AP Exams have just started but I promise I'll pay everyone a visit as soon as I can.


  1. you'll definitely need those wellies on the hilltop!!!

  2. I love that song! And the Longchamp bag. And you of course! :)

  3. You will need everything you posted! I feel like it was always raining this fall where I go to college. Have a good evening!

  4. Longchamps are perfect for college! I spilled hot chocolate on mine dashing out of the dining hall a few months ago and panicked. Fortunately it was nothing a little hand soap and water couldn't solve!
    Umbrella tip: go for smaller and definitely not a plain black one that looks like everyone else's and can get lost easily! Mine is houndstooth.

  5. at least you take corrections. nice step forward, little one.