Sunday, May 9, 2010

look your best when you're wearing the least

Today was the first truly warm weekend so naturally I brought a book (Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund; it's about Marie Antionette) outside with me and read in the sunshine in a wonderful Tibi bikini. I have a system down for buying swimwear. Magazines always come at you with pages of "minimize this!" and "emphasize that!" but honestly, I think the key to swimsuits is to just buy the one YOU like and the one that YOU feel best in, even if the newstand is telling you otherwise. My best kept secret for buying a great to only really pay for half of it. I love Bluefly for chic designer get ups so here are some of my favorite picks.

I love prints and colors and I had a really hard time only selecting a few suits. The catch...and the money saver? Only spend money on the bikini top. Instead of buying a whole suit for $80, get two really great tops that you love for the same price. Now obviously, most places in America require you to wear a pair of bottoms too. But why spend a fortune on bikini bottoms that just get worn out or don't fit the way the top does? Instead, I head to Old Navy, Target, Victoria's Secret or even Walmart and get a cheap pair of solid bottoms in a color to match. Black and white go with everything or scope out a bright pink, green, or orange if you're in the mood. You can find the shape and style that flatters YOU the most and pair it with one or two or five tops. Best of all? When it wears out or gets all nubby and gross, toss it and buy a new one. Plenty of cash saved.

Happy Mothers to day to all! I wanted to get this post in before dinner. I'll try to start commenting back tonight and definitely tomorrow. Thanks for reading and following!


  1. That's a great trick! I'll try it sometime. You get a bunch of different suits with one bottom, it's pretty genius (: My favorites are the French Connection ones!

  2. Oh the FC one's are fabulous- but then again I love everything from them haha!